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Chip in to the Act on Climate Fighting Fund

After a confronting summer in which we’ve seen record-breaking heatwaves across the continent; unprecedented flooding in Queensland; and the alarming ecological crisis unfolding on the Baarka (Darling River), it’s clear we’re facing a climate emergency.

All levels of government must adopt bold and ambitious plans to transform the economy for people and planet.

Friends of the Earth Melbourne's Act on Climate collective is a community-driven campaign. With the Federal government failing to on climate change, we're fighting for Victoria to become a national leader when it comes to reining in emissions and dealing with climate impacts.

But we have work to do and need your help...

In 2019, Act on Climate will be undertaking detective work to unearth communities impacted by climate change, amplifying their voices, and getting them organised and on the radar of politicians.

We'll be making the case for the Labor government to make sure Victoria's first interim Emissions Reduction Targets are bold and ambitious.

And continue our long-term campaign for Victoria's first Climate Budget. The government must ramp up investment if it's to deliver emissions cuts and protect communities from impacts.  

With your support we'll be rolling out grassroots actions to get all parties backing climate solutions.

There's no shortage of fun, creative, and strategic ideas in the Act on Climate collective. By making a donation today you'll ensure we can:

  • Highlight the impacts of climate change on communities across Victoria.
  • Press all political parties to adopt strong climate change policies to rein in emissions and invest in climate action.
  • Support communities on rural and regional areas and ensure their voice is heard on the issue.
  • Hold climate blockers to account whoever and wherever they may be.
  • Build the skills and capacity of the community members that make up the Act on Climate team! 


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