EMAIL THE ALP: Match the US & UK's 2030 Climate Targets

Time is running out for Australia to lift its 2030 climate target before the COP26 summit this November.

Australia's weak target of a 26-28 percent reduction this decade hasn't changed since 2015 when Tony Abbott was Prime Minister. It leaves communities exposed to intensifying impacts and export industries exposed to 'Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanisms'. 

Shadow Minister for Climate Change Chris Bowen has criticised the Coalition government's weak climate targets and signalled that the Australian Labor Party is planning a more ambitious medium-term target.

The United States and United Kingdom will head to the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow this November with increased Emissions Reduction Targets for 2030. Will Labor show the Morrison government what climate leadership looks like by matching them? 

EMAIL THE OPPOSITION: Encourage the ALP to match (or beat) Boris and Biden's climate targets and pressure the Morrison government!